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Making it In America : The Oak Ridge Boys

We are interviewing Duane Allen, lead singer of the Oak Ridge Boys, for this edition of “Making it In America.”  Not only is Duane very talented when it comes to music, he is also an excellent businessman.  He is part of the executive team at Liberty Legends –  a company dedicated to American workers and American families – and is credited with keeping the Oak Ridge Boys on firm financial ground through four decades of success.

As a special gift we will be giving away two tickets to see the Oak Ridge Boys LIVE at BMI in Versailles, OH on May 5th, 2018.  Use the form at the bottom of this page to enter for your chance to win!


1. Please tell us about yourself.Duane Allen

I am Duane Allen, lead singer with The Oak Ridge Boys. This year I am celebrating over 52 years with The Oak Ridge Boys.

2. Why is ‘Making it in America’ significant to The Oak Ridge Boys and Liberty Legends?

During our years of travel, over 150 concerts each year, and on the road about 185 days, we have seen many mill towns dry up when work goes to a foreign country. I am all about making American / buying American Made products because that helps keep good jobs in America… for American families. I believe we should all look for the “Made in America” label!

3. What challenges has Liberty Legends overcome in order to make their products in America?

The challenges are simple… Foreign countries make their product cheaper because their labor costs are much lower than ours. We have to encourage people to buy American Made products, so we keep the jobs here. Making clothing and other products of high “quality” is our goal because keeping jobs here for American families is our ultimate goal.

4. How have you personally expressed a passion for American manufacturing?

I want to help keep jobs in America for American families. We believe that everyone can help by buying as many American Made products as they can. The Oak Ridge Boys try to do that too.

5. Is there a chance we will hear a remix of ‘American Made’ from The Oak Ridge Boys anytime in the near future? My blue jeans are American made…

HaHaHa. That is a great question. “American Made” (the song) has been used in at least four different product commercials. I think that song is so well-known, and associated with us, that we don’t even have to sing it for people to know that we are all about American Made products. We are “America’s group.” We sing the national anthem at sports events, at the local and state fairs, and at festivals all across the country. In fact, in 2005, The Oak Ridge Boys were named the Musical Ambassadors of the MENC (National Association for Music Education) National Anthem Project, a multi-year effort to re-teach “The Star-Spangled Banner” to all Americans. We are still recognized by that organization as the ‘official national anthem singers.’

The Oak Ridge Boys and Amanda Watkins will play Saturday, May 5, 2018 at BMI Indoor Speedway, 791 E. Main St. in Versailles, OH. The doors open at 5 p.m. and show time is 6:30 p.m. For tickets or more information, please call 937.526.9544, or visit bmikarts.com


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4 thoughts on “Making it In America : The Oak Ridge Boys

  1. We live with choices that we make. Everyone’s goal that lives in America that love’s country and our God given blessings has the responsibility to protect and perpetuate the freedom’s we enjoy. Respect flag and what it represents. Help American’s that are working very hard to maintain and grow business in your country. Please buy American made when ever possible.

  2. We have friends who brought buying products made in U.S.A. to our attention. Since then, we are much more aware of labels and read the fine print. Whenever possible, we choose to buy U.S.A. It takes commitment. Not easy. However, many times we have chosen not to buy a product at all. That really saves money!

  3. I think this is great I always felt good about buying made in America , I remember back in the day when Bon Hope would say buy American made, I’m happy when I see American made products, this is long o st due, glad to hear there are businesses here
    I use to work up North in a small town where they made jackets I did top stitching and put zippers in, and then they folded up filed ba l ruptsy I don’t know if it was because of tariffs or what, they moved to a southern state because of cheaper wages
    I missed working there the boss was also very good to his employees.

    Sincerely Nancy Plunkett

  4. I agree!! I try to purchase everything I can that is made in America. Hopefully people will start paying more attention to the issues we’ve faced since COVID-19. PLZ buy American MADE……Let’s start calling the “Powers That Be” and insisting that OUR goods are made right here in this country.

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