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The Joys of Political Season

We are full-swing into political season and America will soon choose a new President. Our televisions will be taken over by political ads, debates and personal attacks. Unfortunately this year seems to be even messier than some of the previous election years; the personal attacks seem to be more frequent and, well, more personal.  I for one would like to hear more from each candidate about what THEY are going to do to make America better as opposed to hearing them constantly bashing their opponent.  But i won’t hold my breath on that…

We can’t make the candidates play nice with each other so we figured we would join them in the political craziness 🙂   It’s time for us to dig into the archives and pull out one of our favorite videos. Without further ado we introduce “The Gentleman’s Debate”

No matter who you will be voting for this year, I think we can all agree that supporting American jobs and families is important.

50 thoughts on “The Joys of Political Season

    1. Clinton / Kaine – The only choice to return to American Made with American Workers. Trump will probably invite Putin and Russian Troops in to help him run the country (Trump is not knowledgeable enough) Trump will destroy America.

      1. Unfortunately Clinton is largely responsible for the exporting jobs. I.e. NAFTA . TPP is even more harmful. Obamacare has helped destroy full-time jobs in favor of part time jobs. I have lived through good and bad economies. Her ideas hurt the economy and individual’s buying power.

    1. They both are for Obamacare, gun control, and increasing taxes. They want to make the Federal government bigger and regulate more of the things you do, putting us more in debt, and less secure. Sanders even wants to take over colleges completely. They are both against Freedom, which is a big step on the road to full on north Korean type communism.

      1. LOL, your ignorance amuses me. Some people actually think for themself and don’t just regurgitate what they saw on TV. You should be one of those people. Study history, not CNN propoganda news or fox news

      1. Sanders had all his promo material american made- hats shirts posters.. turn your trump hat over and you will see MADE IN CHINA.. just like all his merch.

  1. If we had stronger Unions and belief in a middle class wage system, and consumers didn’t buy cheap imported goods, we’d all be better off. Any politician that drives us all down to the bottom should be driven out of a job. Vote your conscience with respect to which politician you think will really look out for real jobs.

    1. That depends on what you mean by “Stronger Unions” what we really need is stronger Individual Freedom, as outlined in the US Constitution. Look for a politician that will cut spending and taxes, so we can make jobs ourselves!

  2. Wake up folks! Bernie’s the ONLY one running who will try and do all the things that really will make America the sweet kind of place it was in the 1950s and ’60s. During that period one-in-three of us were union members with well paying jobs; jobs were plentiful; mothers usually stayed home with their kids (if the chose to) because one salary was enough, etc. Trump will do nothing to help restore the suffering middle class or help our seniors live with dignity. Trump is part of the greed that created the problems we all face. FYI Thomas Jefferson, Madison, etc. were also Democratic Socialists who wisely knew that capitalism doesn’t work unless everyone has property–and that’s all Bernie wants to do–level the playing field so prosperity is enjoyed by all, not just the few. He just wants to get rid of the crony capitalism we have now, and if you study him with an open mind (turn off the propaganda-filled corporate-owned TV and get online!) you will start to feel the Bern . . . like this Libertarian-leaning man does. Twenty-five percent of the people serving in our militarily now are on food assistance–what you have been led to think just might be all wrong.

    1. I’m with you. I’ve been following Sanders since around 2010 when he filibustered a tax cut for the wealthy that Obama signed into law. Regardless of what he calls himself, he’s closer to FDR and LBJ in his policies “social democrats” if you will. Beyond that, he believes in real democracy where people are active in politics and is honest and has integrity, unlike Clinton. I’m a IBEW member myself and try to buy US made when I can. I understand the importance of global trade, the notion that you trade goods that are made best by their respective countries, but a lot of countries just make what we make (or made), and undercut us. GM is looking to import a chinese made Buick SUV, it’s not because they’re better at making them, it’s simply because it’s cheaper.

    2. Boy are you confused. Bernie Sanders is literally the opposite of a libertarian. Libertarians like Freedom and the Constitution. Sanders likes Socialism, meaning controlling people at gun point and high taxes. Voting for Sanders will get us closer to Maoist China than old America. Ron Paul wanted to get rid of crony capitalism, Sanders wants to get rid of capitalism and keep the crony. You should do some more research. Vote for Freedom, vote for Gary Johnson.

      1. Hideous statement? Whatever that’s supposed to mean. Controlling people at gunpoint meaning the police.

    3. The founding fathers were not socialists lol idk where you got that idea, and bernie’s plan consists of taxing investment spending, which would send many companies under and result in the loss of millions of jobs, also a $15 minimum wage is a terrible idea that will also result in a loss of jobs, if you look really anywhere, anytime the minimum wage is raised unemployment goes up, and not only does this happen in real life but it’s just economic law, if you set a price floor, you end up with a surplus, in this case a surplus of labor aka unemployment

    4. bernie had good intentions, but if you look at his record he hasn’t accomplished anything worthwhile in the last 25 years, so all of a sudden he is gonna get things done? He lived with his mother until he was 44, that ought to tell you something. Im not a Trump fan but he is the only one here with any past success. Hillary has not done anything but marry Bill and he was impeached.

    5. You’re right about the 50’s and 60’s. I was there and aware. There were laws and regs put in place by FDR so that America would never have to go thru any more depressions. These laws kept the banks and wall street from becoming too powerful. 1980 came along with Ron Reagan, he allowed those rules and regs to be de-regulated. We’ve been trapped by trickle down lies and reaganomics since. If you weren’t there and working and raising a family…then everything you think you know and understand is misinformation fed to you by others who don’t know. Put those regs back in place, break up the banks, kick citibank out of the white house, raise taxes on corporations, force them to pay their fair share of taxes on the money they hide in the Cayman Island banks. Put the President’s Infrastructure Jobs bill thru, and stand back and watch everyones pay go up, more money in Working Americas hands and watch prosperity climb…for everyone. All the lies that the corporate spin machine(faux noise) has foisted on the under-informed has resulted in a presidential candidate of the worst kind in the history of elections.

      1. You may have lived in through the 60s, but that doesn’t mean you know the first thing about government or civil Rights. FDR is who made the banks too powerful! They are still regulated too much. If you want more government regulation for anything whatsoever, then everything you think you know is misinformation fed to you by the government. Lower taxes for everyone, treat everyone(including businesses) equally under the law, take money out of politics, End the Federal Reserve, repeal illegitimate government agencies, restore Freedom, restore the Republic. Cut useless government departments, cut taxes, buy American goods and watch everyone’s pay go up. The evil government machine has taken advantage of the ill-informed American people, because they teach them what they want, this has brought us to a 2 party system that has torn the country apart. Vote for Freedom this election, Vote Gary Johnson!

    6. Bernie
      Is a nice guy drinking communist kool aid. When he was Mayor in Vermont in the early 80 he traveled to the former USSR and boasted how great it was. Read Karl Marx communist manifesto if you agree with 1/2 percent then you are not for tho great Republic. As for the Madame Sectary her and her Husband have given control of 20% of our Uranium to Mr Putin at a great deal of 10million dollars . Look at the great Hillary and unions she sat on WalMart board and voted against the Union every time look at the Hack DNC email where she was just putting down the union leadership. Mr Trump is saying what needs to be done cut taxes end the aliens coming here. Tough on crime end these trade deals . He isn’t a politician YET. I would rather his four appointed judges than the other two.

  3. Sorry Ronnie but Bernie is nothing more than another uber liberal who has been in Academia and Gov’t his whole life. He has no ideas beyond slicing up a rapidly diminishing Pie. Unions had their day and more Socialist policies will not bring a single job or wages back. Those days are gone unless we elect someone who will dismantle what is broken bit continue policies that drive the Rich to places where they won’t be soaked for even more of thier profits in Taxes.

  4. I’m a Brit and while I won’t be voting in her election of a new President I’m very keen to buy real American-made goods. I was raised knowing American quality in clothing, transport, engineering and WANTING these goods. The world is better when America makes things.

  5. I’ve been buying American since 1973, right about the time of the oil embargo. I’ve been a union man most of my life and I am in agreement that things were better when we had stronger unions. There is a great website that focuses on buying American products. It is: http://www.howtobuyamerican.com
    As I write this, there isn’t a single item on my back (including my watch) that isn’t American Made. The only things I have in my house that are imported from Asian countries were gifts from someone that I don’t wear.
    As far as the political candidates go, Bernie Sanders is the only one that has repeatedly voted against free trade agreements, has stood up for unions and has spoken out against the corporate greed that has reduced our manufacturing to what it is today. I’m not voting for either Trump or Hillary because Hillary is in the pockets of the Wall Street elite and Trump filed bankruptcy a minimum of four times and one of the biggest hypocrites that I have ever heard. How a man can stand up in front of millions of people and tell us he’s going to “bring back jobs to America” while setting up his manufacturing interests overseas, is beyond me. It’s not going to get better until the blue-collar workers get off of their collective asses and stand up for EACH OTHER. The “hooray for me and screw you” mentality is only aiding the problem.
    I guess I’m one of those old weird farts that is an old school Democrat that totes guns and is very proud of it.
    Have a fantastic Independent’s Day (While you still can…)


  6. I have read a few comments on here about low taxes. I think there is a big misnomer about the idea that ‘cutting taxes’ creates outweighing benefits. Just because certain payments aren’t technically government collected ‘taxes,’ it does not mean they aren’t tax incursions.

    For instance, I live in central Pennsylvania, where the majority of the area is very conservative. The politicians fight hard to keep ‘taxes low.’ Being a somewhat large and dense state, we have many roads and bridges. When taxes, especially property and income, are cut at lower and lower rates, the State is forced to reduce budget spending. The concept for ‘tax cuts’ is that it gives people more ‘freed’ cash. Problem is, when the State makes cuts, the roads and bridges go longer periods without repairs or only receive temporary fixes. The ‘tax cuts’ are forcing people to make higher payments on car repairs from driving with these worsened conditions. Essentially counteracting, and in many cases raising, the real tax you pay.

    There are some that argue tax cuts on the wealthy have ‘trick down’ effects stating— it allows them to ‘create more jobs.’ In reality, the ‘job creators’ are the consumers. A business does not exist without the customers. One could argue Bernie Sanders proposal of ‘free public college tuition’ is essentially a tax cut for poor and middle class Americans. The cost of college is an inflicting expenditure proportionally on individuals with lower incomes. If students come out of school without debt, it allows them to directly stimulate the economy because younger individuals are likely to spend larger majorities of their incomes. It also allows college graduates to take on riskier entrepreneurial endeavors, which is the mentality that made the United States the greatest nation. This gives those at the bottom more opportunities to climb the ladder of prosperity, rather than keeping wealth stagnant and increasingly unequal.

    1. You nailed it Chris! The Founders understood that pure capitalism doesn’t work and more than pure socialism, but the Republican Party refuses to acknowledge that we have always had a quasi-socialist society.

      President Reagan truly thought that Milton Friedman’s trickle down economics would create prosperity for the masses–but they were both obviously wrong because Reagan implemented those tax cuts for the rich in 1982, and it has led America to have over 49 million of it’s citizens living in poverty. In effect it has shifted much of the cost of food and housing to the taxpayers instead of corporations because wages are so low millions of low-wage workers are forced to seek govt. handouts–including 25% of our soldiers. Bernie’s economic proposals would reverse a HUUUUUGE mistake, and IMO take us in a much needed direction.

      1. Nailed it! Thanks for the sane comment. People on the far-right like to ignore history if it doesn’t suit their agenda.

    2. You are very naive of how inefficient the government works, or should I say doesn’t work. The benefits to cutting taxes are sky high, incentive to work harder, better products, services, way better technology, lower business startup costs, so way more entrepreneurs. Better quality of life, less government workers meaning more workers in the workforce. But above all else, and the reason why I’d hold this position if there were no other benefits, more Freedom. It really is all about Freedom. Liberty or Death. If any among you like the idea of Socialism, GO TO CUBA, it’s that simple.

    3. Good points Chris, May I also suggest that your state do what min does and raise taxes on the gasoline instead, that way everybody that drives has to pay for road and bridge maintenance.

  7. Trump is a perfect example of evil, greed and what’s wrong with America. Well you may not like everything about Clinton she is by far the superior choice

    1. You have it completely backwards! Clinton is a perfect example of evil, ever heard of Benghazi? She gave a speech about economic inequality while wearing a $12,000 shirt. Yes, no typo, a twelve thousand dollar shirt. Bernie Sanders is the perfect example of greed and what’s wrong with America, he lived with his mother until he was 44, and thinks he should decide how to spend your money! Trump might not be Presidential material but at least he’s no Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders! But, do not vote for the lesser of two evils this election, vote for Freedom.. Gary Johnson 2016!!!

  8. I have never seen such disparaging comments on one website that sells “All American Clothing”. I strive everyday in my life to buy american. There is a very big division in this country and it is sad. These politicians serve nobody any purpose at all. NAFTA perhaps the worst thing ever invented was proposed a built by the Democratic party and the Republicans signed off on it. We have seen the loss of many peoples livelihoods due to this. And the sad thing this is just one of many examples that both sides of the aisle have done nobody any good. These politicians are interfering with our most basic rights, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness. America is supposed to be by the people for the people and to abide by our constitution. Please the people of America need to wake up and figure out what is right and get back to the basics.

  9. NAFTA, Citizens United, McCutcheon v. FEC, and the multinational coup-de-freaking-ta of corporate and special interest lobbyists bribing Congress, SCOTUS, (and very soon, POTUS,) all have a hand in the off-shoring of tax-base-essential U.S. jobs for short-term, multi-national investor profits: Sixty-thousand factories, and millions of decent jobs, gone.

    Obama called for high-speed rail, and then said, back in 2008, that three words would make America great: MADE IN AMERICA.

    He did neither of those. He chose–or was forced down–a different path; but the truth was impossible to ignore: The Way to make America an amazing mirror of its former greatness was clearly in manufacturing, and reasonable wages. It would take guts, dedication, and staying power.

    This family company is a pioneer, and no matter its political persuasion, I support it wholeheartedly, because it is exactly what America is all about: Freedom. Freedom to vote with votes. And freedom to vote with dollars.

    (My candidate is Jill Stein, because I pray America can have the first POTUS since Carter to not be controlled by MIC funds, and drop zero bombs until we figure out who the good guys and bad guys are. In this dizzying geo-political climate, we just don’t know. We don’t.)

    So, buy jeans and stuff made in America!

  10. Several years ago at a Macy’s Department Store I bought 3 “Donald Trump” dress shirts. I have regretted the purchase many times. They were comfortable shirts, french cuffs, fabric that didn’t wrinkle much. Why the regret? MADE IN CHINA!!!

  11. 1. For every U.S.A. made product I purchase, I donate a dozen China made items to charity. I now have more room in the house/garage.

    2. I’d like to see term limits for members of the United States Senate who may serve an unlimited number of six-year terms and members of the House of Representatives may serve an unlimited number of two-year terms. Talk about a stacked deck; not to mention all the bonuses and days off they receive. A President may propose many improvements, but without the cooperation of congress it is nearly impossible.

    3. Pass a law stating that the Chinese flag must be imprinted (next to Made In China) upon whatever is being exported to our United States. Even a child who has limited reading skills should be able to tell where the products they are using are manufactured. That coffee cup you drink from everyday should be a reminder to you and your coworkers every time someone takes a drink and flashes underside with the red flag with the five yellow stars. Your baseball hat,pens,silver ware etc. Eventually, folks would become fed up with the mounting number of Chinese flags clogging up their life, and want to see the rarer U.S.A. made upgrade. We place the stars & stripes on any outgoing food being sent to disaster relief because we are not ashamed of what we produce. Let China put their flag upon their products. No more Chinese made American flags! Certainly not in our cemeteries over our vets!!

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