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Going Off the Grid!

A typical day starts with my phone alarm waking me up at 4:30 am, eat some breakfast and get into work by 5:15 am. I'll spend most of the day on my computer reading emails, news, programming, reviewing our web, sales and marketing analytics reports, etc... until I leave at 5:00 pm. And it doesn't end there; I'll check my phone several times in the evening to see what friends posted on social media and read several news sites before bed.

Unfortunately, I think many of us spend our waking hours engulfed in a never-ending flood of information, news, he said/she said non-sense.  Information has never been more readily available than it is today; 90% of us have access to a computer or cell-phone and 98% of us have a television.  We spend time on social media, blogs, texting, watching videos, television, etc...  The flow of information almost becomes addicting and we aren't sure what to do if our electronics go down.

So, I recently had an opportunity to unplug, go completely OFF THE GRID!  No computers, no television and no cell phone service...  IT WAS GREAT!!!  I flew out to Colorado to visit my brother and some friends from high-school and we all went camping.  We spent 3 days in the mountains with nothing but clear skies, fresh air, sounds of nature, fishing, hiking and BS'ing around the campfire!  No one was checking their phones or computers (other than to take a couple pictures 🙂  These trips need to happen more often!

The best relationships and conversations are those that you have face-to-face WITHOUT distractions.  Each of us needs to take time, everyday, and turn off the electronics, unplug and enjoy those around us or just a quiet moment alone.

And of course, during our trip, I wore nothing but All American Clothing 🙂  The Maverick Jeans were great for hiking, wrestling, climbing, etc... because the little bit of stretch in them allows the jean to move with your body, no pinching or restriction of movement.  I also wore the thermal shirts under a hooded sweatshirt and a beanie in the mornings; this kept me nice and warm!

Have you gone off the grid or taken a fun trip lately?  Please share your story and pictures!

Hope you enjoy the pictures from my trip!



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