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Star Spangled Sweetness.

Spring is still officially not here... but it`s getting closer & we are ready for it to warm up!

Which means we are also getting thirsty for a spring time favorite sweet tea recipe. We`re calling it - Star Spangled Sweetness!

Please enjoy making some with the guide below...

All American Clothing Co.

You will need:


1 Giant Tea Cup (64 ounces).
1 measuring cup.
1 Old Wooden Spoon (can be new, but an old one may just stir things up a little more...)
1 wood board, 1 picnic basket, Christmas lights, a sea shell, a relax sign, and a burning candle (for decorative purposes).


A smidge of baking soda.
2 cups boiling water
6 tea bags
¾ cup white sugar
6 cups cool water

What to do:

...and don`t forget to enjoy 'Star Spangled Sweetness' with some USA made clothing styles from yours truly!

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