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ABC World News Traces Made in America Jeans Back to the Farmer Who Grew the Cotton.

ABC World News Traces Made in America Jeans Back to the Farmer Who Grew the Cotton.

David Muir and the ABC World News made in America team are at it again with their made in America Christmas segments as thousands of Americans have already said they are in & ready to buy American made gifts. It`s the Christmas season & just one thing could help create thousands of new jobs right here at home as ABC World News reports that $64 spent on a USA Made item by each American can create over 200,000 new jobs and wish American workers a merry Christmas.

Clothing is just one theme with Christmas gifts each and every year, but did you know that 98% of the world`s clothing is NOT made in America? ABC World News reports that just 2% of the world`s clothing is made in America.

The All American Clothing Co. is part of that 2%. The USA made blue jean manufacturer is one of the few remaining USA made clothing companies left in America today. All American Clothing Co. was recently featured on the “Made in America” segment with ABC World News with Diane Sawyer (Dec. 6) as David Muir traced a pair of jeans back to the American farmer who grew the cotton with All American Clothing`s Traceability Technology.

About All American Clothing Co:

Founded in 2002 by Lawson & BJ Nickol due to a previous employer`s decision to outsource jeans and jobs to Mexico, the father and son team started the All American Clothing Co – A USA made jean company of their own that vows to never trade USA jobs for foreign profits. The father son duo and their All American Clothing Co. has been featured on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, CNN Living, Huffington Post, Fox Business, CNBC, Sirius XM, Forbes, Inc., and many more.

About Traceability Technology:

Traceability is all about the truth of where jeans come from. It offers some recognition to the hard working Americans who are involved in making jeans. All American Clothing Co. is the first jean company in the world that gives it`s consumers the opportunity to trace a pair of jeans back to the American farmers who grew the cotton used in their jean. The system supports over 12,000 American farmers & workers across the country.

13 thoughts on “ABC World News Traces Made in America Jeans Back to the Farmer Who Grew the Cotton.

  1. I have bought 4 shirts from this company and they have all been good. I plan to buy a pair of jeans in January. Actually I will be replacing all of my clothes with American made ones as the older ones wear out. We now have over a dozen American made clothes in the house. For years we have purchased almost all of our clothing from the two biggest online stores but now they offer nothing at all that is made in the USA.

  2. i have bought many pair of there jeans and really love them. i’v also given gift certificates from there company and my family really like them also.

  3. I love the high quality American Made cargo shorts! I have purchased numerous shorts and shirts and plan on buying more!

    The one thing I didn’t think of is gift certificates. I hope they sell them as I would like to buy some for gifts, since picking out clothes for someone is too hard!

  4. I purchased 3 pair of jeans from All American this year and have purchased 3 pair in the past. The only problem I have is the first 3 pair are still going strong. My wife wanted me to have some more so she purchased me the last 3 pair and told me to start wearing the others to work. Best jeans I have had.

  5. The women’s jeans are wonderful. The fit is great and they are sized properly. Come on girls…
    let’s start wearing some American cotton and keep our families working!

  6. They need to look at the “AMERICAN GIRL” doll company. How can you sell it and call it AMERICAN when it’s made in China! I’ve sent previous emails to both David and Diane and they won’t touch this company. WHY??

  7. Love it. No child labor, cut out shipping around the globe, hiring your next door neighbor. I am from the northeast, blue collar, and if I could bring you a homemade pie I would.

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