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All American Beard Off Winners Announced

Hail to the beard winners!

We are happy to announce the top 3 beards from the All American Beard Off selected by the “Beard Selection Committee.”

These beards exemplify what it means to be man… and an American. It takes hard work, strength, domination, and pure awesomeness to make it in this country. Each beard we received for this year`s All American Beard Off showcased these characteristics on a level unimaginable & unforgettable. These three beards truly won 'by a hair.'

Thank you all for supporting men`s cancer awareness with the All American Beard Off!

See you AND your beard in 2014 - All American Clothing Co.

Thank you to our co-sponsor Barbasol!

All American Beard Off Contestants: 2013

Thank you to all who helped raise men`s cancer awareness this year.

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