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Outsourcing Effect
Photo Credit: The Colorado Observer

By Logan Beam

Man wakes up in OUTSOURCED blanket

Brushes his teeth with OUTSOURCED toothpaste

Puts on his OUTSOURCED clothes

Ties his OUTSOURCED shoes

Drives to his work in OUTSOURCED car

Works at his OUTSOURCED computer

Talks on OUTSOURCED phone

Months later, his job is OUTSOURCED.


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3 thoughts on “Outsourced

  1. This is brilliant and TRUE!!! Americans, are you tired of buying foreign made EVERYTHING!!…I am….I want to buy American!

  2. Own or Be Owned! We are a nation of industrial sharecroppers who work for somebody else and have no other source of income. If a man owns productive capital assets that will produce an income, he’ll be a better customer for the things that American industry produces.

    The ONLY viable solution to the economic decline of America is for our leaders, academia and the national media to recognize that all individuals to be adequately productive cannot do so when a tiny minority (capital owners) produce a major share and the vast majority (labor workers), a minor share of total output of the economy’s products and services. The system must be reformed to create a world in which the most productive factor of the FUTURE—physical capital—now owned by a handful of people––is owned by a majority—and ultimately 100 percent—of the consumers, while respecting all the constitutional rights of present capital owners.

    Support the Agenda of The Just Third Way Movement at http://foreconomicjustice.org/?p=5797

    Support the Capital Homestead Act at http://www.cesj.org/homestead/index.htm and http://www.cesj.org/homestead/summary-cha.htm

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