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2 thoughts on “Outsourced

  1. American companies outsourcing their products to Communist China is unpatriotic, it is a slap in the face to all Americans who who fought and who gave their lives in wars against communism. Korea over 36,000 and Viet Nam over 58,000 and today outsourcing has left 23 million Americans unemployed.. Enough is Enough, time too take back America ! PLEASE do your part, buy American, insist on American and let American companies know We the People of the US, do not want their outsourced products..

  2. In all the stores in Australia, they have a “made in Australia” sign indicating that a minimum of 70% was manufactured or grown there. People will spend more money buying local products and produce before buying outsourced items. The economy is stronger and the unemployment level a lot lower than here. Salaries are much higher also. Let’s follow their example.

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