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What are your thoughts on Obama`s new “American Jobs Act” proposal?

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3 thoughts on “What are your thoughts on Obama`s new “American Jobs Act” proposal?

  1. Remember, the great speech giver is giving his pitch today at a facility that have moved their workers to Central America. Just because he panders to union bosses does not mean his policies help Americans find jobs. Look at the regulations on manufacturing his admin is putting in place. Look at the WV mines that are closing thanks to him. The only way America will be propersous again is BE prosperous. Make quality things here and that’s it.

  2. Big business is always going to do what big business is supposed to do and that is to make money regardless of where the items are made. If more Americans who claim to be patriots would actively seek out items made in this country we would be much better off. Unions are the backbone of the middle class and the middle class the backbone of the country. The American jobs act seeks to take a balanced approach to dealing with our problems. In 1995 the top two tax brackets paid taxes at a real rate of 30.2% and unemployment was at 5.3%. In 2009 the same group paid taxes at a real rate of under 21% and unemployment was at 9.3%. So much for the job creator myth. Lower the corporate tax rates and eliminate loop holes. I do agree with the President that we cannot cut our way out of the deficit.
    Buy American!!

  3. Obama has given the Republicans a jobs package which includes many of their favorite things yet they will not pass it. Mitch McChinless said at the beginning of this Congress that his number one objective as a leader of the Senate was to make sure Obama is a one-term President. If they pass these tax cuts and jobs incentives and infrastructure projects, they will be in danger of allowing the unemployment rate to edge down below 9%. If that happens the President might be re-elected. They are willing to hold the country down for the sake of their political agenda. Shame on them. The package is good as far as it goes and would nudge the economy in the right direction but the Republicans will not allow it to pass.

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