SECONDS - SECAA101L - Men's Original Jean - Medium Stonewash - Made in USA

This item is not returnable
This item is not returnableThis item is not returnable because it is either being discontinued OR due to the areas of the body it touches.

Style: SECAA101

This item may contain slight flaws (run in denim, out of tolerance, etc...) that make it unable to be sold with our regular inventory; however, these items are normally in good condition and will look just fine for lounging around or getting dirty while working outside. These items are NOT returnable.

This All American Jean comes with a comfortable All American, Classic Relaxed Fit...not too tight, not too loose (slightly more relaxed than style 25305). It is a rivetless jean made of a durable 14.5 oz denim in a medium stonewash color; it is constructed with a gusset to improve comfort and durability! This jean is Made in the USA, all the way from the materials to the labor. So shop with confidence and pride when purchasing this All American Classic!

Made in USA

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