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How the All American Clothing Co is Disrupting the Apparel Industry

The American apparel industry is a $250 billion per year market that depends on ‘fast’ fashion at any cost. To the big players in this game that means producing the latest trend quickly and at the cheapest price possible with little regard to how it is made. Quality, people, and the environment are of little concern. So, most companies outsource the labor and production to foreign countries where there are few regulations, low wages (the minimum wage in Bangladesh is $68/MONTH), and pollution is rampant. In fact, 98% of the clothing sold in the USA is made in some other country because they say it is too costly to manufacture in the United States; 98% of clothing sold in the USA is made in a foreign country and when you have shareholders involved it is all about the money, not the people or environment.

"We are doing what everyone says can’t be done…"

So how does the All American Clothing Co disrupt this $250 billion industry? We are doing what everyone says can’t be done… we are providing USA made clothes at an affordable price and staying profitable, all while providing good jobs and a safe working environment! We are a family owned business so we don't have any shareholders pushing us to put profits ahead of people. Outrageous profit margins and greed are removed from the equation and replaced with the desire to care for people and the planet we live in. This is RADICALLY different than what most other companies in the industry are doing.

Modern manufacturing techniques, technology, and a very skilled workforce help us to improve efficiency and quality so that we can better compete with cheap foreign made items. We also ship many of our items direct from the manufacturer to help eliminate the retail markups you find in stores.

Experience the comfort and quality of American made clothing. With free shipping on orders $99 or more and free returns & exchanges, you have nothing to lose!

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The USA apparel industry is the modern day David going up against a Goliath foreign manufacturing giant. In fact Goliath (foreign manufacturing) is responsible for 98% of the clothing sold in the USA.

With only 2% of clothing sold in America actually being made here, buying our clothing makes you part of an exclusive group. A group that is proud of their country and the skilled crafters producing goods here.

Buying our clothing energizes and revitalizes jobs all across our great country, from the small family businesses that make some of our apparel and accessories to the companies that make our boxes, maintain our machines, build our website, and much more!

Become part of the 2%, Buy All American Clothing.