Three Facts Highlighting the Importance of American Manufacturing


America is one of the most prosperous, influential, technologically advanced and most productive countries in the world. Our manufacturing base is one of the reasons we became the great country that we are today; that’s why we here at All American Clothing hate to see America off-shoring more and more of it's manufacturing and turning to cheap foreign made goods. For this reason, we felt it was necessary to point out the importance of U.S. manufacturing.

1) One of the biggest factors that enable countries to become prosperous is their ability to innovate and produce things that other countries want. Did you know that manufacturing is the biggest driver of innovation in our country? Manufacturing accounts for nearly 70% of ALL research and development dollars spent in the United States. As our manufacturing base dwindles so does our ability to innovate and compete.

2)manufacturing multiplier The Multiplier Effect, this is a term used to show the total impact a sector has on the economy. Manufacturing has the highest multiplier effect out of all sectors; for every $1.00 spent on manufacturing, $1.33 is added to the economy. In comparison professional/business services only adds $0.61 to the economy for every $1.00 spent. Want to keep our economy healthy? Support American manufacturing, buy USA made goods.

3) manufacturing pay Manufacturing jobs pay more and most of these employees are eligible for many other benefits (healthcare, retirement, etc…). In February of 2016 the average manufacturing job paid around $25/hour, this is nearly 20% more than the U.S. average. While many of these positions are considered ‘skilled labor’ most of them do not require a college education. This provides for a relatively low barrier of entry and lower debt for those interested in working in manufacturing.

Manufacturing is vital to supporting our economy as well as keeping us innovating and moving forward as a nation. To maintain and improve our standard of living we need to continue to support American manufacturing; this keeps the tax dollars here to support schools, police, infrastructure and good paying jobs for American families. Whenever possible, look to buy products that are Made in the USA.