Jessica Mid-Rise Straight Leg Jean

Jessica Mid-Rise Straight Leg Jean



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This item may contain slight flaws (run in denim, out of tolerance, etc...) that make it unable to be sold with our regular inventory, however, these items are normally in good condition and will look just fine for lounging around or getting dirty while working outside. These items are NOT returnable.

A look of comfort, confidence, clean and dark. The Jessica jean was designed for those with a few less curves and gives you an attractive, clean, refined look that will go with almost any outfit combination. The Jessica jean is constructed of 13 oz denim with a touch of stretch (98/2). It has a slim, straight leg to enhance a thinner look & a zipper fly. Click the icons below for more details.

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This item is not returnable because it is either being discontinued OR due to the areas of the body it touches.

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This item is not returnable due to it being discontinued OR due to the areas of the body it touches.


Love the denim, but fit is a bit off
I am a plus size woman who always has a hard time trying to figure out what size to order, no matter who the maker is. Sometimes I am a 16, sometimes an 18, sometimes a 16W, and sometimes a 1X - it's so frustrating! So, I was thrilled to be able to order a women's jean by waist measurements, and the fact that these are USA-made and reasonably priced. So, my waist is exactly 39". I first tried the Jessica in a 39 waist, which seemed to fit, but the thighs were a bit tight. I had ordered the length 32, because 31.5 is usually a perfect inseam for my long legs (I am short-waisted), but they were way too long. I wore them one day and the jeans kept falling down. I attribute this to the fact that the rise is very straight up and full-fitting, but especially to the spandex. Whenever I wear jeans made with spandex, they never stay up - and that always happens no matter how little spandex they use. I just wish jeans makers would stop thinking that women are so vain they need to squeeze into tight but stretchy jeans. Just make regular 100% cotton denim for women, please, like we used to wear in the 70s! Okay, so I exchanged them for the 40" waist, 30" length, which gave me more room in the thighs, and are the perfect length, but it is too large in the waist. Fortunately I know how to sew, so I am going to take in the waist because they fit everywhere else. Until I get around to doing that, I just wear a belt and pull it tightly - I never tuck in shirts, so no one will see that. I've worn these many times and I like how they look with most of my shoes but they are not the most comfy due to my need to hike them up with a belt to keep them from sliding down. And the denim is pretty heavy. I decided to keep them because I exhausted the number of returns I could have with my purchase, and for some reason the Chastity jean fit me even worse, although I am supposedly pear-shaped. I wish the Jessica had a slightly lower rise because there is a bit of bunching at the bottom of the fly, as it is so long! I would call these a high-rise jean, NOT mid-rise at all. Also, the Jessica would be better with no spandex at all, and normal front pockets. The front pockets are super short and sewn to the front seam where the zipper is. Doing that essentially makes the front pockets into these weird rectangular tunnels, and if you put any money in your pockets, it will fall out! Again, I wonder if they did this because they think women are so vain that they don't want the "bulk" of front pockets. Maddening! Yes, AAC, women do use pockets! I must say, the denim is great, fairly heavy, and the jeans are well-made. The "Ladies' Jeans," style AAL601 in a size 18, actually fit me the best out of all the jeans I tried from AAC, but those do not come in a dark wash - so I can't wear them to work - and the boot cut on the Ladies' Jean is a bit too wide and bell-bottomy for my liking. I wear them, but not often. I think I will try some of the men's styles to see if they fit me any better.
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So happy with these jeans!
I have been looking for jeans made in USA for a long time. I have always worn Levi's, but am disappointed in them lately. These jeans are well made, heavy jeans that I am hoping will last a long time. The size that I bought is comparable to the Levi's mens jeans that I used to wear, but the straight leg is nice and fitted. I recommend these jeans and can't wait to purchase another pair. I am 5'3" and 140lbs. The size that I bought is 32x32 and they fit perfectly!
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I am 5.3 and 112 lbs. I usually wear a 26/27 waist. I had to send those back and get the next size, I couldn't even get them on. I can get the size 28 on, but they are loose around the waste and soooo tight around my legs. The pants cut off my circulation. I wish the denim was more like the "Chasity" jeans. I also wish the pockets were placed further apart in the back. (Close placed back pockets aren't flattering on anyones rear end.) I am super committed to buying clothes made in the USA. Please try again.
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Too tight when ordered by waist size
These seemed two sizes smaller than my usual size. I usually wear a 14, with 32" natural waist. I couldn't even zip these although I ordered them in 34. Waist sixe ordering is difficult. Perhaps you could provide guidelines.
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LOVE the Quality!
I stopped buying Levis when they stopped making them in America. They had also started cutting them wrong across the bias and so they twisted. ALL of them. Since i am a few years older now, I also wanted some stretch in a GREAT jean because I am very active, riding several horses on most days. I am so enamored of such quality made here, in America, by Americans. I have two pairs of the Jessicas - my daughter's name - and hope to buy more as we set some money aside. I am told they are reasonably priced but I am from the 70's when teens could buy jeans for $12.95:). These are WELL WORTH every penny! Now, for a pair in black and a style in am 11 oz denim with 3% stretch for riding those younger more rambunctious horses!! Get a pair!
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