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July 4th – 4 Ways To Support Made in America And Create Jobs

1. Check the tag or label.

This is simple. When shopping for that cookout, check the tag on the item you are about to purchase to see if it`s made in USA. If you are comparing between two or more items, knowing you will create jobs by selecting one product over another will make your decision easier.

2. Attain food from the farmer`s market.

Some of us have large families! If that’s the case, you can save money, buy local, and feed an entire family a meal or two through supporting local farmers markets. The American farmer is one of the most dedicated and hardworking people in our country. The saying “If you had a good meal today, thank a farmer” holds a lot of truth to it. We also have a lot of farmers to thank for growing the cotton used in our USA Made tees! You can thank a farmer over July 4th weekend by visiting the farmer`s market!

3. Raise Awareness with a friend.

July 4th is often a great time to catch up with friends and family. This makes an ideal time to raise awareness on that 'Not Made In China tee shirt' you proudly wear! You do not even have to say anything to them. Just raise awareness in setting an example through your actions. Show everyone how it`s done!

4. Search for Made in USA sales online throughout the weekend.

Like us, there are many distributors of Made in USA merchandise who can be found online. All will have sales deals that you cannot pass up! Search for them on google! Ask Siri! They can help you. Join us at All American Clothing Co. for a great deal on made in USA jeans and tees to get started.

As a closing remark, we encourage and CHALLENGE you to take these 4 steps towards making a difference. Following these steps can go a long way in creating new jobs. We also CHALLENGE you to support at least one made in USA product over the weekend. You can make a difference! If each American spent just $64 on USA made products, it will generate over 200,000 new jobs.

Start today!

All American Clothing Co.

Maverick Pic

Calling All Mavericks!

Thank you for supporting All American Clothing Co. over the years. We have really enjoyed keeping jobs in the USA together and we are excited to announce we are launching a new men`s jean, The Maverick!

You have mentioned you need a pair of jeans that must have the durability for the long hours of hard work, but can also provide the style and comfort to wear out on a Friday night! Your voices have been heard. This NEW! Made in USA jean is for you.

Maverick may be the name but comfort, quality, and doing what you want is the game!

If you are looking for comfort and quality, The Maverick Jean is meant for you! It is made of 11.5 oz. denim with light hand sanding that is cut and sewn together by the craftsmanship of US workers in the state of Kentucky. The Maverick is sewn together with the highest quality USA made stitches, buttons, zippers, and pockets. From top to bottom, The Maverick is a relaxed, straight leg, relaxed-fitting jean. This combination gives the The Maverick a balance of strength and comfort. It literally feels like like it has already been broken-in!

This blue jean is for those who make their own rules, who know what it takes to forge your own path. You are a Maverick. You are your own man. None follow in your footsteps because of fear. To be honest, no one could live up to it anyways. Maverick is the true source of individuality and adventure.

So be a Maverick. Do what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want. Go left when everyone goes right. Why? Because you can!

All American Clothing Co.

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Men`s Health Month – Hike For Fitness!

Who says a work out needs to always be at the gym?

There are many other activities that will keep you on the go! Hiking, basketball, golf, tennis, swimming, volleyball, and many more absolutely benefit health and wellness. All make the time go by faster, can be done with friends, and create a workout with less work and more fun!

We chose to go hiking this week because it truly is such a powerful cardio work out. It can lower your risk of heart disease, improve you blood pressure & blood sugar levels, boost bone density, and build strength in your legs, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps! When hiking in beautiful settings, it can boost your mood in combating against symptoms of stress and anxiety. Hiking is also fun in the comfort of made in USA items! 

Do you hike? Please let us know your favorite spot! We`d love to check it out!

All American Clothing Co.


lifting bj

Men`s Health Month – 5 Reasons To Weight Train

1. Strength training translates to more calories burned.

Your body burns calories during strength training plus you`ll continue to burn calories afterwards due to a process called "physiologic homework." More calories are used to make and maintain muscle than fat and strength training can boost your metabolism by 15 percent — that translates to more calories burned and it can jump start weight loss!

2. It can make you happier.

Like other forms of physical activity, lifting weights can work wonders for your mental health. Strength training is linked to reducing anxiety and depression symptoms. It improves self-esteem and it may even give your brainpower a boost.

3. Look better in your made in usa jeans.

We don't suggest you lift weights just for appearance. There are many other benefits! When it comes to slimming down, endless hours running on the treadmill may not be getting you any closer to the results you desperately seek. However, building muscle may help you lose fat more effectively than just doing cardio.

4. Help your heart.

Cardio isn't the only exercise to help your heart! Resistance training routines also have been known to lower blood pressure. The American Heart Association recommends to tackle at least two strength training workouts a week.

5. You'll develop confidence.

The harder you work in the gym, the more results you will see looking back at you in the mirror! The more you see positive results, the better you feel. YOU are responsible for those results, so use that to stay positive everyday! This will only help you become better, bigger, stronger and more confident.

What are some reasons why you weight train? Please share in the comments below!

All American Clothing Co.


Men`s Health Month – An Excerpt from Soothe: How to Find Calm Amid Everyday Chaos by Jim Brickman

We are celebrating men`s health month! The purpose of which is to bring awareness to a healthy lifestyle. Today, our friend Jim Brickman has joined us to share some health tips with an excerpt from his latest novel 'Soothe.' We hope you`ll enjoy!

All American Clothing Co.


Chapter 2: Soothe Your Mornings

Yes, You Should Exercise in the Morning

You can feed yourself breakfast, but are you feeding your mind in the morning? That jolt of coffee doesn’t count because that’s just artificial stimulation. Exercise actually increases the birth and development of new nerve cells in your brain, and these nerve cells are also the components of your brain that slow down and even die because of stress. A recent study shows that people who don’t exercise much exhibit greater stress-related atrophy of the hippocampus area of the brain compared with those who are more physically active. You want to keep the stressors down because the hippocampus affects long- and short-term memory along with a myriad of other important functions.

If your brain isn’t a good enough reason to hit the treadmill or the jogging path in the morning, consider that exercise not only naturally lowers your stress levels but also increases your self-confidence because it jump-starts the production of endorphins (your feel-good boosters). Exercise actually helps you settle into a state of well-being, which is a great way to start the day, if you ask me.

According to a study at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, when you move even at a moderate pace, you release neuropeptides, brain chemicals that counteract the stress response. So get out there and get moving to start our day.

My favorite morning workout exercises include:

• Plank. A basic plank is supporting your body weight on your elbows and using your legs a lift off the ground until you’re parallel with the floor. Keeping your core tight, hold for as long as you can. On really good days, I hold for upwards of two minutes. To make things more difficult, try raising one foot off the floor and balancing on just your arms and the other foot, then switching feet.

• Superman Stretch. In this exercise, you lie on your stomach and lift your arms and legs a few inches off the ground, mimicking Superman flying in the sky. This is a yoga and Pilates move that really gets the blood flowing.

• Corner Stretch. Stand facing the corner of your room. Raise your elbows to shoulder height. Place your forearms, elbow, and palms against either wall in the corner. Now just lean in and flex your chest and back muscles. Hold for 15 seconds while breathing deeply. (You can also do this throughout the day when you feel stressed).

• Push-ups. I like these more than sit-ups for some reason. Every single day I like to add one more because it feels like I’m accomplishing something. Of course, eventually you could be doing thousands of push-ups, so I suggest sets of 10.

• Wall Sit. Stand with your back against a wall and your feet about a foot and a half in front of you. Slide down the wall until your legs create a 90-degree angle, making sure your knees do not move past your ankles. Hold for as long as you can!

• Suitcases. Sit on the floor with your knees bent and your feet on the ground. Lift your feet off the ground so you’re balancing on your bottom, and take your arms out to the side. To do one rep, straighten your legs out in front of you and take your back down until it almost touches the floor, then sit back up, keeping your feet off the floor the entire time. You’re mimicking a suitcase opening and closing – and working up quite an ab burn!

• Stairs. I’ll think of a reason to go down to my basement and walk up and down the stairs several times. I make sure to take a couple of trips and bring something down with me each time. It’s de-stressing because I’m working out and organizing my house at the same time.

• Walking. I’ll take a walk around my Cleveland neighborhood or a stroll in the park, or I’ll walk to my office.

• Stretch. Sit with your legs crossed in front of you. With a hand on either knee, push your needs gently toward the floor.

Soothe your world with Jim Brickman

Judge Winners Circle

Judge Pulling Team Off To Good Start

Our friends at Judge Pulling Team are off to a great start in the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League! Currently, they are tied for 3rd place in points after 2 events. One of which included their first Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Champions tour win since 2012.

"The Judge Pulling Team went to work in the off-season to better understand their tractor and how to get the power to the ground," said team member Darrick Barga. "Going through our own data and talking with other individuals involved in the sport of truck and tractor pulling, we put together a plan. It starts with the setup. Having clean cut tires for each run, preventive maintenance, air pressure in tires, spotting the sled, and track conditions. We have control over most of the variables but one the most important, the track, we don't. We have to use it the way it is. When we go to the track, it is imperative that the tractor is ready to preform at its best."

As the season progresses, the Judge Pulling Team will look to stay near the top of the standings.

"So far, we like the results we are getting from the changes we have made. We have put some good runs on track to get our 1st Lucas Oil PPL Champions Tour win since 2012. And 2 - Top 3 finishes out of 4 events. We will continue to work hard to keep The iON Judge Next Generation on top and in the points race. It won't be easy as there are a lot of tough competitors in the modified class," Barga noted.

All American Clothing Co. is proud to see the Barga Boys and their Judge Pulling Team doing good (and looking good in USA made) as they chase a championship this season. Keep up the good work guys!

Here is an unofficial look at points race in the E3 Spark Plug Super Modified Tractor class:

1) Steve Bunnage Motorsports​ Takes a Lickin' - 184
2) Sullivan Pulling​ Kentuckian - 178
3) The ION Camera​ Judge - 168
3) Dirtslinger Pulling Team​ - 168
5) Down & Dirty - 166
6) MAVTV - 164
7) Green Streak Unlimited - 160
8} Green Streak Pulling Team​ - 150
9) Shel-Shocked - 144
9) 75th Addition - 144
11) Keeps on Tickin' - 74

Catch the Judge Pulling Team on MAV TV or in person at a Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League event!

Men`s Health

Men`s Health Month – 5 Tips To Help Get You Started

Together, our employees and friends at All American Clothing Co. are celebrating men`s health month in June! The purpose of Men’s Health Month is to bring awareness to a healthy lifestyle. It is also an important time to seek medical advice and check-ups with your health care provider.

This month, we will be sharing some choices and tips that will help improve overall health. We hope you will be joining us for the ride!

All American Clothing Co.

Men`s Health Month - 5 Tips To Help Get You Started

1 – Get Enough Sleep
Our number one advice is to get sleep! You cannot stay energized to make healthy decisions throughout the day without sleep. Try to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep if you can!

2 – Find a Workout You Love To Do
Make it easier on yourself. Do something you enjoy so that you will not feel that working out is a chore. If you like to play a sport like basketball or tennis, get together with friends to play the game. Are you an avid outdoors man who loves to hike? Get out there in the wilderness and enjoy it!

3 – 30 Minutes A Day
Every day, set aside at least 30 minutes to do some type of physical activity. You may have a set schedule on weight room days, or days you decide to run a few miles. Adding to this with an active lifestyle that takes place EVERYDAY will help your healthy lifestyle. On your ‘off days’ try playing backyard games with the family, going on walks, or riding bikes. There are some forms of errands you can do like mowing the grass or going grocery shopping that can help as well.

4 – Get Social
Share all the healthy decisions you are making with family, friends, and even colleagues at work! Start a fitness group on social media where you can be held accountable. Friends can be the best motivators.

5 – Distract Yourself
Like to watch TV? Set your treadmill in front of it. Love the great outdoors? Try running on trails in a nearby nature preserve or park. Enjoy music? Listen to an ipod while you run or work out. The more your can distract yourself, the longer you`ll work out without even feeling like it!

Please stay tuned throughout the month of June as we will continue to share some fun ideas to keep up with your health and wellness!

All American Clothing Co.

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Memorial Day 1


Stop the cookout, party, and shopping spree

To remember those who were brave enough to keep America free.

Stop to remember the ones who took the battlefield with pride.

And never forget the reasons for which they have died.

Reasons of patriotism, sacrifice, and love for country that ring so true.

Stop and be thankful they gave up their lives for you.

Memorial Day 2015

All American Clothing Co.


Memorial Day

Freedom Is Not Free

Remembering all of our fallen Veterans this Memorial Day weekend.

To all the brave hearts who have served our nation past and present, Thank You. We owe you a debt that cannot be repaid.

All American Clothing Co.


Making It In America: KettlePizza

We are proud to be 'Making it in America' today with our friends Al Contarino and George Peters, who both co-founded KettlePizza, which gives you the opportunity to turn your grill into a wood fired pizza oven!

Please tell us a about yourself.

Al Contarino and I are inventors. Our passion is to create and develop products that can make people's lives fun, safer or easier.

Why is 'Making it in America’ significant at KettlePizza?

Right from the beginning when Al had the idea for the KettlePizza we knew it could be Made in America. We wanted to help put more people to work, here at home, rather than send jobs overseas. We knew it may be hard but so what, hark work, commitment and passion for doing things the right way will always win out in the end.

What challenges has Kettle Pizza overcome throughout history in order to continue Making it in America?

When you develop a product that no one has seen or used before, finding suppliers that can do custom work was difficult. We overcame that problem because as we grew, more and more people would send us information about companies in the US that we could source materials. Quality materials, that American companies and people are known to produce can never be taken for granted.

How have you personally expressed a passion for American manufacturing?

The strength of our country has always been developing new ideas into viable high quality products the rest of the world wants to own. Anyone can make JUNK, we don't make junk in America, Al and I will never make junk at KettlePizza. FYI, I bought a belt at All American Clothing Co. that is so well made that besides holding up my pants, it could be used to tow a car!

There are many places one could enjoy KettlePizza. What is your favorite?

On the deck with family

George Peters (left) with Al Contarino (right)