The Round Up

How was your month?

This month we watched the documentary Made In The USA: The 30 Day Journey once again. Have you seen it?

The challenges that Josh Miller overcomes to support made in USA products is gripping. It is not easy, but Miller shows it can be done. (As Mike Huckabee said, “I would like to think that there`s a desire to see it, number one because we have seen what happens when we outsource so much of the manufacturing to places like China.”) We really appreciate Josh Miller & his crew putting a film together that educates each & every one of us on the importance of American manufacturing.

Also, thank you all for your fun comments this month—please keep them coming! We enjoy reading all of them.

January Standouts:

"The time is always right to do what is right." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

It got cold

This tweet made us laugh.

Our 16th style of jean is coming soon. It will address the entire nation, including Gettysburg. Honestly, we hope to knock your top hats off with this jean...

President Obama talks U.S. manufacturing in State Of Union Address

It got cold again

John Ratzenberger`s American Made? Cheers to that!

New wind/waterproof jackets introduced.

We LOVE this song.

Have you been in a club? New members were added to ours.

All American Rewards Doubled This Month.

It stayed cold.

Super Bowl XLVII: Broncos or Seahawks?

Thank you all for your support throughout the first month of 2014. We can certainly tell that many of you have a resolution to buy American Made this year. Thank you for supporting USA workers & please continue to spread the word! We wish you the best.


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Don`t get caught in the cold without a USA Made Carhartt Jacket!

Don`t Get Caught In The Cold Without A Made In USA Carhartt!

Don`t Get Caught In The Cold Without A Carhartt!

Fully equipped for the winter, this American Made Carhartt serves all ideal functions for keeping warm in sub-zero temperatures.

The Carhartt Duck Active jacket protects you from all the elements of wintry weather, so you can stay outside. This jacket is fully sealed with a 12-ounce, firm-hand, 100% ring-spun cotton duck that ensures long lasting quality.The body and hood are lined with quilted flannel for added warmth. The sleeves are lined with quilted nylon for warmth and extra maneuverability.

For extra storage, this jacket features two front and inside pockets. Strings in the collar extend for a comfortable & secure fit, and the front portion of the jacket is equipped with a heavy duty zipper to keep all cold temperatures out! Together, these features combine for warmth, versatility, and ruggedness as you ride out the cold conditions.

But that`s not all -- The Carhartt Duck Active jacket offers you more than just functions for keeping warm in freezing temperatures. You`ll feel proud knowing that this item was made in America. This jacket was hand sewn & stitched together by American workers. Wearing this jacket supports them. Please watch the video below to see how it`s made! Knowing this alone will keep you warm!

This Made in America Carhartt Jacket at All American Clothing Co. is now available in sizes S -- 4 XL, & sizes L Tall -- 4 XL Tall. It is obtainable in colors of Black, Brown, and Navy -- starting at $79.99.


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