Mountain Man`s Secret to Growing The Perrrrrfect Beard:


We all know Mountain Man from the hit television series Duck Dynasty. He is certainly one of a kind. With All American Clothing Co. & Barbasol raising men`s cancer awareness with the “All American Beard Off,” Mountain Man was kind enough to join the cause by revealing his secret to growing the perrrrrfect beard. 

What is Mountain Man`s secret to growing the perrrrrfect beard?

The secret to growing the ultimate beard is Jello. It makes the old beard grow perty fast and it tastes good. Any flavor is good Emmm Hmm.

How long have you been growing the beard you currently have?

I have been growing this here beard all my life. Course I gotta trim it at times but it’s almost as old as me.

What would it take for you to shave it off?

Gosh man I would never shave my beard off, it’s what gives me my super slow powers Emmm Hmm.

So there you have it. The secret is out! According to Mountain Man, Jell-O is the key to growing the perrrrrfect beard.

If you`d like to grow a beard for the sake of manhood, raise men`s cancer awareness, and even win some USA Made gear from All American Clothing Co, Barbasol, Buck Knife, & Mountain Man…you can join the cause by participating in the All American Beard Off

A special thank you to Mountain Man for taking the time to share his secret & for donating a few of his Christmas CD`s for participants in the All American Beard Off.


All American Clothing Co.

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