Life Lessons in American History: The Declaration of Independence

Our founding fathers stood up for something they believed in. Will you?

From 1750 to 1775, American colonies were forced to follow unjust laws passed by King George III and the British Government. During this time British troops abused and mistreated citizens of British American colonies alongside unpleasant laws passed by King George III. The 13 colonies were growing tired of the unjust laws and mistreatment. They wanted to be free from the rule of the British government with the beliefs of freedom and basic human rights. In order to achieve this, they had to take a stand for something they believed in. So our founding fathers met time after time with the goal to write an all important document—the Declaration of Independence.

The document was written, the goal acheived, and the final version of the Declaration of Independence was approved on July 4 1776. This day is now celebrated as the American Independence Day.

It`s amazing to think how a group of people that stood up for something they believed in can affect so many people. They did not take a stand for just themselves. They took a stand for a whole body of Americans for years to come. I hope you too will decide to stand up for something you believe in for not only yourself, but for others as well. After all it is your right.


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Baseball: Is the game still America`s pastime?

The game of baseball was and still is referred to as ‘America`s pastime.’ The game was a gateway for many great players like Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Willie Mays, Jackie Robinson, Ted Williams, Hank Aaron, Cy Young, Lou Gehrig, and many more legends. Fans would come from all over to watch them play as they would fill up ballparks from city to city, watching their favorite teams and players leave their mark on the game for generations to come.

Baseball has not changed much since its first recorded game during June 19, 1846 in Hoboken, New jersey. Very few rules have changed. Like the fact that a game was decided based on who scored 21 runs first under the “Knickerbocker” rules that were in place until 1872. Games were capable of lasting all night under the system. Today, we are accustomed to a game of 9 innings in which each team has a total of 27 outs to score as many runs as they can. The team with the most runs wins. Pitchers used to also pitch the entire game and bat. There were no designated hitters and it was rare to see a pitcher like Cy Young come out of a game. Today, there are multitudes of pitchers like mid-relievers, long- relievers, starters, set up men, and closers. It is also common to see a designated hitter at bat in place of a pitcher from time to time, especially in the American League. These are among the few changes baseball has undergone in its existence. For the most part, baseball is played much like it used to be. While there may not be many changes in the game since its start, the one change I have in question is, “Is baseball still America`s pastime?”

Some of you may have an answer for the question. I encourage you to share your thoughts. Here are mine: As a Cincinnati Reds fan, I have found myself constantly watching the currently NL Central Division leaders who are experiencing a great year to date with a record of 38-27. I enjoy watching them on television during most nights of the week and try to go to games when I can. However, while watching the Reds and the teams

they play on television, I am seeing a lot of empty seats during the games. Despite having a 1st place lead in their division the Reds are ranked  in the lower half of the league in attendance, ranking at 19th with an average of 27,312 fans per game ( This ranking supports up my initial thought on having empty seats. If a division leader like the Reds, who have a history of success and a great fan base cannot fill their seats then how can the game be phrased ‘America`s Pastime’ if Americans will not come and support their teams play like they used to? Open for thoughts!


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New Website: What do YOU think?

Last week, we announced the launch of our new website! We hope that you have checked it out to see the many new features it has to offer. We have incorporated PayPal, a new shopping cart, product image zoom and product search among many other features to the website!

The main goal of these changes was to make the website easier to use for our customers! We want to know what you think about the new website. Do you enjoy the new features? If so, which ones? Do you feel it is easier to use? Are there any problems with it?  Please share your comments with us in the section below.


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A Father`s Day, Made in USA:

With Father’s Day just over a week away, there is still enough time to find that perfect gift for Dad. Better yet, there is enough time to make it a Father`s Day, Made in USA!  With that being said, here is a list of items that Dad will enjoy and feel proud wearing Made in USA clothing.

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All American Clothing Co: Bringing ‘American Made’ Back to Its Roots

The sign above Lawson Nickol’s desk, co-owner of All American Clothing Co. reads “Make Something Happen Today.”  To him, that ‘something’  means  job creation, manufacturing growth, sales growth and sustainability of all mentioned as the company is building a foundation for today’s employees and future generations.

The company carries only clothing made in USA, giving back Americans a traditional product and economic environment that seems to have been slipping away since the greatest job explosion era called the Industrial Revolution. Nickol says, “During the Industrial Revolution, American jobs were created because passion and hard work was necessary in order for the survival of the company and the employees.” Like the companies that built America during that era, the employees with the All American Clothing Co. carry the same passion and work ethic necessary for us to bring back ‘American Made’ to its roots.

All American Clothing Co. is expecting to create more products and more jobs during 2012. In 2011, the company experienced an increase of approximately 60% retail sales. This is a promising number indicating that many Americans are beginning to realize the benefits of buying USA made clothing. Beau Nickol (co-Owner) says, “there is a healthy growth of patriotism spreading through the retail consumer market”.

About All American Clothing Co:

All American Clothing Company is a genuine story of a small company trying to make a difference in today’s economy. The company’s employees believe in “USA made matters” as they strive to foster loyalty among customers. To find out more about the passion and success of All American Clothing Co., follow us on Facebook at, or Twitter at!/AllAmericanJean for updates.


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