A Special Visit from the USA 30 Day Journey:

Josh Miller and the USA 30 Day Journey crew stopped in for a visit today. Along with his crew, Josh is on a journey to find out if ‘American Made’ means anything anymore. On his journey he will attempt to live off of only USA Made items for 3o straight days! Do you think Josh can do it? For more information and live updates on Josh and the USA 30 Day Journey check out their website at http://www.usa30days.com/ .  You can also follow Josh and his crew on twitter @USA30DAYS.  Here is a behind the scenes picture of Josh Miller`s interview with All American owner Lawson Nickol!

From everyone at the All American Clothing Co. we would like to commend Josh and the USA 30 Day crew for their efforts and wish them the best of luck throughout the rest of their journey!


All American Clothing Co.

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