A Week of Recognition for our American Heroes,

In recognition of Memorial Day, we will be giving away a number of our Freedom tees every day this week to commemorate those who have fallen while serving and protecting the freedoms that American citizens can enjoy today. The saying “Freedom is not free” serves as a reminder to the acts of honor, sacrifice, and valor our servicemen and women have given for their country.

To take part in the weeklong event simply join our newsletter for a chance to win a “freedom is not free” tee shirt. You can also thank a veteran in the comments section of our facebook page to enter. This gives you an opportunity to thank a veteran on a large scale with a large community while having the chance to win a free tee shirt.  Please feel free to personalize your message to the veterans of your liking.

In addition to this, the All American Clothing Co. will be donating $1.00 to the Wounded Warrior Project in accordance to the amount of orders we receive from May 22 through May 28.The ultimate goal of this event is to recognize our servicemen and women with a big ‘thank you’.

Honor our heroes today and enter for your chance to win a freedom tee! The winner—along with their hero will be announced and thanked each day on our Facebook page. You will also receive an email confirmation from us.

Thank You American Heroes,

–All American Clothing Co.

United States Flag Flown at U.S. Capital Building Commemorating ‘American Made’ Manufacturers:

Speaker of the House John Boehner helped the All American Clothing Co. fly the American flag to commemorate the rise of ‘American Made’ Manufacturing to create jobs for Americans in today`s economy:

The sign above All American co-owner Lawson Nickol`s desk reads “make something happen today.” Lawson and his company have been living up to their mantra with their latest success. The USA Made clothing company recently flew a commemorative American flag with the help of Congressman John Boehner and his representatives at the U.S. Capital building on May 3, 2012. The flag was flown to commemorate the hardworking ‘American Made’ manufacturers who, like the All American Clothing Co. give their most gallant effort towards the creation of American jobs.

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To motto “make something happen today” has led to much progress for Lawson and the All American Clothing Co. Currently, the American Made clothing company is in the midst of growing exponentially–a great sign for American Made manufacturers. The company is currently expanding their warehouses and main offices due to their growth. The new building will be finished in the month of September and will also create a respectful amount of new American jobs in both their headquarters and the manufacturing factories the clothing company works with.

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That same American flag that was flown at the U.S. Capital building will be raised at a ceremony in September when the USA Made clothing companies` new building is in place. The ceremony will include many leaders and promoters from the American manufacturing industry and potential political figures. The All American Clothing Co. hopes to spread the message that progress has been made and that there is much hope for American Made Manufacturers in the future.


All American Clothing Co.

Why Buying American is Smart:


America would not be the land of opportunity without American Manufacturing:

This country was built based on the ideals of buying American through the American manufacturing that took place during the days of the Industrial Revolution. This made our country an economic powerhouse and a land of opportunity. Every American citizen could find a job that supported their family and promised the American dream.  American manufacturing has been going away in recent years on account of business owners wanting to make an extra dollar in sending their efforts overseas throughout the years. This is threatening the ‘American dream’

Buying American Creates Jobs, Period.

If every American cared enough to purchase one USA Made garment per year, the impact would be $9 billion in profits. That creates an amazing amount of jobs for USA citizens.

American Manufacturing Creates Secondary Jobs.

For example, if All American Clothing Co. manufactures blue jeans we supply jobs to Americans to sew patches, pack and ship products, market them, etc. There are also manufacturing companies that create our materials like our denim, thread, buttons, zippers, etc.  These companies supply American jobs as well. In essence, American Manufacturers not only create jobs for their own companies, but for other American companies.

American Made products are made with better quality and are built to last longer than foreign made products:

In the short span of things, it makes sense to buy a cheaper foreign made product. But in the long run, it makes even more sense to buy American.

For example, when you buy a pair of foreign made jeans for $20, they may only last a year so you have to buy another pair each year. A pair of All American jeans at around $50 will last you at least 3 years. If you do the math over 3 years—it makes sense to buy American.  It is an investment worth making. You will also feel great and have the satisfaction of wearing a comfortable, quality, job creating pair of jeans made in USA.


It’s smart to ‘buy American’ because American manufacturing is what made our nation the land of opportunity. It creates jobs so our citizens can enjoy the American dream. Without jobs, Americans would not be able to buy that first home or take the family on that ‘memorable’ vacation. Losing the American manufacturing base will not only continue to result in federal budget deficits, but it will result in the decline of the American lifestyle for our citizens. ‘Buying American’ will help ensure that American citizens can enjoy the American dream for generations to come so that our children and our grandchildren can have the same American dream that we once had.


All American Clothing Co.

All American Gifts Mom Will Love:

Ladies Phoenix Jean:

Our designer style Ladies Phoenix is perfect for a night out. Take mom out for dinner, a movie, and dancing in this hip American Made style jean.


Ladies Jean 601:

Perfect for the busy working mom. Mom will enjoy an array of activities in the 601 jean from gardening to landscaping. This style is perfect for work or play!

Ladies Fleece Capri:

Our newest Ladies item will have mom relaxing in the comfort of our Capri`s. She can enjoy a book in the comfort of her home or garden while wearing this new USA Made item!


If you are not sure on sizing, moms always enjoy gift cards! Afterall, a gift card is an excuse to go shopping!

Happy Mother`s Day to All Moms!


All American Clothing Co.


Can anyone tell me what this number means?

If you answered the U.S. National debt then you are correct. To be exact, this is the national debt as of today at 11:00 AM.

When you think about the estimated population of the United States being 312,722,325 and apply some math, each American citizen`s share of this debt is $50,159.29.

Also, the national debt has continued to increase an average of $3.97 billion per day since September 28, 2007!

Are you concerned? Would you like to do something about it?

Then ‘buy American!’ If every American cared enough to buy one USA Made garment a year the impact would be $9 billion. Not enough when you think the national debt is increasing on average at $3.97 billion per day, but $9 billion a year will count towards the creation of many American jobs for our future generations!


All American Clothing Co.

A Special Visit from the USA 30 Day Journey:

Josh Miller and the USA 30 Day Journey crew stopped in for a visit today. Along with his crew, Josh is on a journey to find out if ‘American Made’ means anything anymore. On his journey he will attempt to live off of only USA Made items for 3o straight days! Do you think Josh can do it? For more information and live updates on Josh and the USA 30 Day Journey check out their website at http://www.usa30days.com/ .  You can also follow Josh and his crew on twitter @USA30DAYS.  Here is a behind the scenes picture of Josh Miller`s interview with All American owner Lawson Nickol!

From everyone at the All American Clothing Co. we would like to commend Josh and the USA 30 Day crew for their efforts and wish them the best of luck throughout the rest of their journey!


All American Clothing Co.