All American Clothing brand jeans are manufactured in two locations

The All American Clothing Co. brand of jeans are sewn in small Kentucky town by a company that has a been in business since 1924! The local workforce is very proud to hand craft each garment made for All American Clothing. They acknowledge that jeans have always been a part of the American culture and they are striving to keep it that way. For the last 10 years they have fought the economic battle that has eliminated over 85% of America's cut & sew labor force. They stand up against the odds and continue the effort to keep USA jobs and USA made jeans alive. That is why All American Clothing continues to contract their labor and continue to support their efforts.

The All American Clothing Co. brand of jeans are also sewn at the Arcanum Jeans Co in El Paso, TX. El Paso was once considered the blue jeans capital of the world. In the 1980s, it cranked out an estimated 2 million pairs of jeans each week. But since the early 90's the apparel industry has lost nearly 85% of the jobs. We decided to change that...

THE IDEA first took shape In a quiet little farm house nestled inconspicuously at the edge of a small mid-western town. It was a simple idea really, to create a line of premium quality blue jeans made right here at home in the United States of America. Outsourcing was never a part of the idea, nor was assembling goods from foreign made materials and calling them USA made. Most importantly, the idea did not involve trading American jobs for foreign profits. Instead, the idea was to create a truly 100% USA made line of premium goods, and to keep the the labor firmly planted in the USA-all the way from the hard working cotton farmers and mill workers-to the people who ship out the final product.

The Arcanum Jean Co. continues to grow and provide jobs in the USA.